Graphics & Logo design

Graphic design is an artistic talent with its own unique purpose. It usually involves creative and a very systematic approach for solving problems or achieving certain objectives so as to use correct images, symbols or even words. It may be a visual representation of your business, services, products and the elegant illustration of concepts and ideas.

Elements of Graphic Design

People are the strength of Cignitech, At Cignitech Our creative, experienced team of Graphic design uses image-based designs with various photos, illustrations, logos and symbols etc. These designs can include various combinations of the elements such as lines, shapes, colors, textures etc.

Lines are usually used to guide the eyes of the viewer, or make other elements follow a strategic path whereas shapes offer a more variety of ways to fill spaces creatively, to support text and other forms of content, and to balance a design. This way the various elements come handy in bringing out true creativity for marketing.

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