Site traffic increased by 110%

Search ranking improved by 95%

Organic traffic increased by 92%

About HIFI Electronics

HIFI Electronics is a wholesale electronics store, based out of Dallas, Texas. The store is popular for some of the best deals on electronic goods - mobile phone, tablets, laptops, speakers and other accessories. Popular among the residents of Texas, HIFI Electronics has gained excellent customer base, alongside customer retention and returning rates owing to its best-in-class products and services.


Having gained immense popularity as a budget-friendly electronics store in Texas, HIFI Electronics decided to extend their services to a larger customer base with the launch of an e-commerce web portal. This not only improves their customer base both globally and locally but also simplifies the process of sales and services to existing and new customers.


Any project that involves the development of an e-commerce website comes with certain challenges –page load time issues, user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly design, navigation accuracy and catchy content – as it goes without saying. Along similar lines, the client wanted a clean & appealing design with sufficient content and most importantly a popular website on the Google search engine results.

OUR Solution

Our product teams have come up with a tactical and technical initiative that involved the use of some expert web design and development strategies. As the results are said to speak for themselves, we developed a functionally-efficient, product-focused and user-friendly design that reflects HIFI Electronics’ vision to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers.

Responsive Web Design

For HIFI Electronics, we developed a website ( that adapts itself to various display sizes and mobile devices to offer high-quality customer experience. We saved time and money for our client by opting for an adaptable design that is built only once as a desktop version, without having to repeat the same process for mobile and tablet sites.

Custom CMS Design

Considering that an e-commerce website needs frequent updates to individual pages, we opted for Custom CMS to keep the website up-to-date. This helps provide the site with a relatively new look on a regular-basis, while contributing to effective SEO and content database management.

Content Development

Cignitech has taken utmost care to prevent duplicate content as that would negatively impact the SEO. We delivered fresh and unique on-page optimized content for the website to stand out on Google search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Using organic strategies, and a 360-degree SEO strategy, the site made it to the first page of Google search results within a span of 20 days.Website content has been optimized for search engine results with the thoughtful placement of widely-searched keywords, handpicked for best results.

Social Media Management

Cignitech has designed catchy Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads for HIFI Wholesale to ensure maximum visibility across the potential customer base. Social media icons have been included on the website to facilitate social sharing for quick and easy product promotion.


7000 Parkwood Blvd, Suite B400,
Frisco, Texas 75034.


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